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Fast, Fresh & Flavorful for a healthier you.

Poke Bowl Phuket

Hosay Bowl - a healthy restaurant founded in 2019. Specialising in poke bowls and acai bowls, we offer a range of delicious and nutritious dishes that are sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

Hosay Bowl Phuket

At Hosay bowl,

we believe in creating meals that are not only nutritious but also full of flavour. We are passionate about providing our customers with an enjoyable dining experience, and strive to make every visit memorable.

Poke Bowl Phuket

Vegan Friendly

"Explore Deliciously Nutritious Vegan Options at Hosaybowl!"


"Fuel Your Day Right at Hosaybowl: Healthy Eating Options"


"Build Your Perfect Bowl At Hosaybowl - Choose Your Favorite Toppings!"

Signature Acai blend!

Our Acai bowl is Vegan and sugar free. Experience the Delicious and Energizing Benefits of Acai Bowls - Fuel Your Day with a Superfood Breakfast or Snack that Supports Your Active Lifestyle.


Acai Bowl Phuket
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