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What is Poke Bowl?

If you’re wondering, what the heck is Poke Bowl?

To start off, Poke Bowl originate from Hawaii, one of the most famous holiday destination for a lot of people.

Poke (/poʊˈkeɪ/) is Hawaiian for “to slice” or “cut crosswise into pieces”. The increasingly popular Poke Bowl that brought this Native Hawaiian cuisine to the world’s eyes is Ahi Bowl (Yellow fin tuna) along with various topping of choices and rice.

Poke Bowl is also well known for its distinctive way of presentation. Well, there are plenty of ways to present food but Poke Bowl has its own vibe. (Trust me if you see one then you know its Poke Bowl!).

The love for Poke Bowl is not just for its lovely way of food presentation but also because it taste so good!

So, shall we dive a little deeper?

Well, Poke Bowl started when the Hawaiian fishermen are out and about their usual businesses in the ocean. Fishing up some Yellow Fin Tuna, Salmon and other fishes.

They brought those freshly caught fish up, gutted, skinned, and deboned then they season it with very simple condiments like sea salt, candlenut, seaweed and limu. Time passed and as things evolved so as Poke Bowl. The modern version of Poke Bowl are heavily influenced by Japanese and other Asian cuisines like soy sauce, sesame oil and furikake.

Is Poke bowl Healthy?

Poke bowl is considered a low processed food and the lesser the ingredient goes through some kind of processing form is already considered a healthier food choice. BUT not all Poke Bowl will give you the same calories and nutritions. So if you’re on a certain diet style for eg,. Low carb diet. Most of the Poke Bowl designated restaurant will allow you to design your own bowl. So, you can reduce rice portion or pick salad instead of rice. This is the joy of having Poke Bowl, you can design your own bowl to fit your macro needs!

So, healthy or not. It solely depends on what you want in your Poke bowl!


So if you want a to try Poke Bowl and you're in Phuket! You're in luck!

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